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4x Neadoscopes

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About Dr Jackson's Cancer Fund

About us and the work we do.

Dr Jackson Cancer Fund promotes research into the treatment and prevention of cancer and in conjunction with staff at the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (MY Trust), finance the introduction of successful new techniques.

With the generosity and fantastic support of people in the Pontefract and surrounding areas we have succeeded in providing a wide range of expertise and donated large sums of money to buy equipment over the years. The charity would like to continue to work with MY Trust which undertakes cancer services for the population in Pontefract and the Five Towns, Wakefield and Dewsbury.

Now is the time for Dr Jackson’s to connect with the wider communities who may use the services in these areas too. We are building on this support and financial success by connecting with the Pontefract, Wakefield and Dewsbury local and business communities.

Our Objectives

We are committed to working together to raise more money for our objectives which are;

  1. To promote research to improve the local treatment of cancer.
  2. To provide funds for the MY Trust to purchase items of medical & surgical equipment.


Our Patrons are a huge support to Dr Jackson’s. They donate money each year to support the charity and by doing this they are helping Dr Jackson’s towards achieving its yearly fundraising targets. So many thanks to Adam Barnett, Christine Searby, Raj Sundaram and Mel Robinson for all of your support for the Dr Jackson Cancer Fund.